Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Michigan Fiber Fest

One of the events I look forward to each summer is the Michigan Fiber Fest, held at the Allegan Fair grounds. I met my friends at the big chicken (seriously, there is a giant chicken statue by the entrance gates), and we headed through the building, full of vendors selling all things fiber related.

There are a lot of vendors who return each year, but this year was bigger than ever, with quite a few new kids at the show. I got a little hung up at the booth selling Sock's That Rock - I love that yarn, but still have several skeins in my stash from the year I did the STR club. I forced myself to resist the urge to buy there.

About 6 years ago, I bought at spinning wheel at the show. I took lessons and enjoyed the process of spinning. For the next several years, I acquired roving at the show - but the spinning slowed down to nothing, and the stash of fiber remains. So this year I avoided roving completely - and felt a little guilty about letting my wheel sit idle.

That left yarn, yarn and more yarn.

We stopped at Jill Junes's booth, to check out the hand dyed yarn by Studio June. Studio June dyed the Christmas yarn I used in the KalamazooKnits Deck The Balls ornament kits several years ago, and I have enjoyed a great relationship with Jill. Her business has grown, and her booth at the show was packed (with yarn, many knitted shawls featuring her yarn, and best of all - packed with shoppers).

I liked this view of her booth- can you guess why?

I bought a skein of Silky Meri in a sea foam green, to pair with a turquoise skein in the stash, with plans to knit Cladonia. Aren't you impressed, a purchase made with a specific project in mind?? (it goes down hill from here).

Next purchase was from another show favorite, Briar Rose. I love her Sea Pearl yarn, but sometimes Chris only has it in smaller 400 yd skeins. This time it was 800 yds skeins, so I couldn't resist a blue/purple/green. No project in mind, but I'm guessing a shawl, since that is my current obsession.

The biggest surprise was seeing Miss Babs at the show. I have bought her yarn at Stitches before, so I was excited to see her at our show in Allegan.
I went a little crazy, and bought four skeins of her Yummy sock yarn, in three coordinating colors. Again, I broke the rule of only buying with a project in mind, but what can I say?

We got separated as a group, but met up towards the end to compare purchases. The dark clouds were threatening a storm, so I decided to leave, rather than go back and look a second time at some items.

This Friday is Your Local Yarn Store's bus trip to Stitches Midwest - another annual event that I look forward to. More on that to follow.


Judi A. said...

I only recently learned of the "MI FiberFest" and would so love to attend it sometime. I keep thinking maybe next year I can arrange a trip up there later rather than earlier and be there. There is also one in KY that is much closer for me, so if I can't make it to MI...

Anonymous said...

There's a rule about only buying with a project in mind? Who knew?!