Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Wow, thanks for all of your interest in Java Love.  Lots of downloads - I hope you enjoy the pattern and that you make someone happy with the gift (or make yourself happy).

So I'm a bit under the weather, got a serious cold and I'm being a baby about it.   At first I thought it was going to be a sinus infection, but now it seems to be headed for the lungs.   Good excuse not to exercise, but I am still sitting in the sun a little.   You always think that the cold northern weather makes you sick, but I get just as many colds and flu down here in Florida.   Luckily as a pharmacist I have a stash of good OTCs, so I am dosing myself up liberally. Enough whining.

I signed up for an on-line class with a website called Craftsy.  Have you seen it yet??  The class is to make a quilt block a month, so I thought it would help me learn to quilt.  I hate "live classes" - can't explain it, but it's true - so maybe this will work for me.

Made a trip to Joanne's and a few quilt shops last week, and bought my supplies.  Then finally decided to buy my fabric from Etsy.  I bought Amy Butler's Soul Blossom collection - I love love love her designs.

I moved the laptop off the desk, added the sewing machine, added a table for cutting and ironing - voila - a quilting area with a view.

First block went great.  I sewed the wrong sides together once - no big deal.
Also left my iron on the ironing mat too long and put a little scorch on the pad - oops - clearly I don't iron very often, right?

It was called the asterisk block, and it turned out pretty good.   Not quite even, but for a first try, I can live with it.

Second block - not so great.  Once it was done, it was smaller than the needed 12.5 " square.

So I thought I must have measured the initial block wrong, so I made it again, making sure the base block started out at 12" as instructed.   FPS.  It is still too small.   I am putting it aside for now - I am too annoyed to follow up on what when wrong.

Might need to consult the teacher or read the forum.  I can't be the only fool with this problem.  It is a pretty block tho!

And last but not least, my Etsy shop, Mermaid Knitting, is going great.   I love working with such a lovely yarn, and knitters seem to like the mini-skeins.  Look what the mailman brought me to today...

A box of Koigu  - 19 colors - soon to be mini-skeins.  Guess who will be winding yarn for the next few days??

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coming Soon

Things have been busy at the Beach House this past week.  

I have been working on a Valentine Cup Cozy pattern.  I'm calling it Java Love and will have it on the blog in a few days.  It can be knit via the chart or written directions, and is a quick knit that can be done in one evening.  

Here is a picture for a quick tease!

I decided to put the finished cozy for sale in my Etsy shop, Mermaid Knitting, but was shocked to find literally hundreds of valentine cozies  already listed.  Of course I think mine is superior, but I realize it probably won't sell.

We have been working to house break Jackson, and to stop his biting on our feet and hands.  I think we are making some progress, but it does get tiresome.  He is obsessed with my knitting and yarn, so I knit him a hexipuff yesterday!

Take a look a Jackson finding a quiet spot to rest next to my case of yarn.  See, he loves yarn as much as I do!

I have been trying to update my blog design by adding my Ravelry progress bars.  I think I have it partially working, I guess I need to try it again.

Stay tuned for my next post, which will include the new pattern, Java Love!