Friday, April 13, 2012

Ahoy Matey!

Time for another vacation!

I told you before I was headed across the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise.  The time is here, we are leaving from Florida on Sunday.  It is a 14 day cruise, with 7 days at sea to cross the Atlantic.  Then we have stops at the Canary Islands, Portugal and several in Spain.

My bags are packed - I've removed several pieces of clothing, after thinking about what I really needed - and added another ball of yarn.   Really, what is more important - looking nice for people you will never see again (except TanMan and our friends) or having enough projects to knit??

I'm just finishing up Color Affection.  I think I might have it done in a few days and I don't want to stop working on it.  I've also got the Maltese shawl and my BeeKeepers Quilt hexipuffs.

The lady friend going along is also a knitter - I taught her to knit 5 years ago when the four of us rented a house together for a month in Florida.  Well, actually we rented it for 2 months, but TanMan discovered he had cancer, and we had to cut our time in Florida short for him to begin treatment (but I digress).

She has continued to knit and make some lovely items, but hasn't tackled a lace shawl yet.  Since we will have lots of time to work on the lace, I suggested she try Traveling Woman.  She will be using some lovely Studio June Sydney Sock yarn.   Naturally, I thought I should knit the same project, so I am using Miss Babs Yummy sock yarn in Deep Sea Jellyfish (love the name, don't you?).

I'm hoping there is cheap wifi on board, so I can share a few thoughts along the way.  If not, I will fill you in on the adventure once I return.

I'm leaving you with this flamingo on a pillow. Why?  When grandson Mason was ready to leave our condo to fly back to MI, he asked me if I saw what he left me on my pillow.   He said he moved the flamingo from the dresser and put it on my pillow, so I could sleep with it when he was gone.  How sweet is that?

So I'm leaving you all a flamingo on your pillow!