Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend!

I've been having a super busy week. Oldest Son and grandson Mason are here for spring break week. It has been a blast, but I think we are all exhausted. The boys leave tomorrow.

They had a ton of fun in the surf...

On our way to Orlando, we stopped at Plant City for the famous strawberry shortcake.  Take a look at the Strawberry King and Prince that I found!  (Oldest Son was talking on the phone to work - but I took the pic anyway).

We spent the night at a hotel in Orlando, then a full day at the Magic Kingdom.  Mason was so excited to stay in a hotel - it was the first time he had ever done that.

 Disney was tons of fun - but almost "too much" for 5 year old Mason. It was so crowded, it was sunny and hot - many rides had 60+ min waiting times. We managed to do some fun rides and avoid those crazy lines, but it was a long, long day.

Nice photo with Donald in Frontier Land.  Yeah - we took him on Splash Mountain - I think that was his favorite ride.

Here they are after a long day at Disney.  Three thumbs up and still smiling.

Not much crafting has been done. I knit a little bit on my Kauni design, it is about 70% done, and I was hoping to get it done before our cruise, but I'm starting to have my doubts.

I also need to decide what project to bring on the cruise. I think it might be time to bring the Crystel Seyfarth out of hibernation. But then there is Color Affliction, that is almost done. And I wish I could bring the needle point too. What is a girl to do? Especially when I am going to need my suitcase for clothes (gasp) and not yarn.

I guess that is all for now.

The Easter Bunny and I wish you a happy Easter weekend!

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