Thursday, March 29, 2012

A quiet day

I'm having a quiet day today. Probably one of my last for a few weeks.

Our friends who have been staying in the area leave tomorrow. We will have a last dinner together tonight, and I might not see them until TNNA in June. We have had so much fun talking knitting, needlepoint, families - just a great friendship.

She helped me get started on a needlepoint project - I've had it for several years.  It is a needlepoint pocket that you attach to this awesome tote bag, called Pischke Pockets.  You can't really tell how far I've gotten, but you can see the cute design.  It is called Florida Keys (perfect for me, right?)

Tomorrow we are going to our first Spring Training game, to see the Detroit Tigers play the team that trains in Sarasota...I'm drawing a blank. Oh well, TanMan and I will have fun going, I think. <<Just in from TanMan - the Tigers play the Baltimore Orioles.>>  You can tell how much of a baseball fan I am, can't you??

On Saturday, Oldest Son and grandson Mason will arrive. I can't wait. The big event for this spring break is a day at the Magic Kingdom - a first for Mason. They will be here for a week, then TanMan's sister and husband arrive for 3 days. I don't anticipate getting a lot of projects done for a while.

Today I made the March Block of the Month squares. I think I like the look of these blocks the best so far. Take a look.

Not sure when the April quilt blocks will get done....

 I'm going on vacation the last half of the month of April - taking a transAtlantic cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Canary Islands, Portugal and Spain. Hope I can get reasonably priced wifi on the cruise, so I can blog about the trip. The best part is the 7 days at sea when we cross the Atlantic. Hope it's not too rough because I plan on knitting a lot.

Florida is an interesting place.  When you think of all the strange things that go on, don't they always seem to happen in Florida?  Casey Anthony? The shooting in Sanford?  A whole fantasy city designed around a mouse?  I think some folks here just don't think like the rest of the world.  I saw this sign outside the dollar store - is it just me - does this make any sense?

Okay, enough from me for now.

Hope you have time to pick up your knitting today.  Honestly, don't you think you should make time for knitting everyday?

PS. Does anyone know why random words in my blog post are in a different color and underlined?  I am not linking them to a url address, and I can't seem to make it stop!!

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Jill C. said...

Random colored/underlined words? Not seeing them here. I'm using Internet Explorer and I check in Chrome, too. I suspect it has something to do with a toolbar that you may have installed. I think some tool bars (like Bing?) will auto link common words to "aid in searches"--but mostly seem to link to ads.