Monday, March 14, 2011

My spot

I have finally found a little time to get out my new sewing machine and see how it works.  Since it is the same machine I have in MI, there isn't a learning curve - yeah for that!   I love to sew, but somehow don't make the time to do it that often.  My knitting and the pattern business seem to take priority.

I have set up my spot in the bedroom that gives me a great view and lots of sun and fresh air.  Here is my view out the window...right past the green grass is the beach and the Gulf of Mexico.    It is a crafter's dream.

I am working on some knitting needle cases that hold the tips to interchangeable needles (like Knit Picks) or they also work for dpns.  There are larger pockets on the ends to hold the cables.  Also a cute little zippered pouch to hold the end caps, key, etc.  I will give you a closer look once they are done - but I think I'm going to like this style!

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Cakewalk Yarns said...

Looks cute! I like the fabric - you should sell those, too.