Saturday, March 26, 2011

Knitting Therapy

I went to Knitting Therapy on Thursday night at my lys - I look forward to it each week and it never disappoints. It has been a great way to meet so many kindred souls as I establish my life in Florida.

Knitting Therapy (KT) runs from 6 - 8pm, but I try to make a full day of it. I live on a Florida barrier island and it is a bit off the beaten path. I use KT as an opportunity to hit all my favorite spots as I travel the 45 minutes to the yarn shop.

I leave around 2 or 3pm, usually with my I-Pod plugged in to the car radio, listening to a knitting podcast like Stash & Burn or Cast-On. My first destination is a town 20 minutes away. Quick stop at Starbucks - my Venti non-fat latte with 2 raw sugars is such a treat, now that I can't get it whenever I want.  Next is my chance to stop at Target.  From there I do my weekly browse at Home Goods, since you never know what you might find there.

Another 25 minutes I get to the big city, where I can indulge in any of the following shops, depending on my latest obsession - Barnes-Noble, Michaels's or Jo-Anne's. Then on to my ultimate destination, my favorite Florida yarn shop, A Good Yarn.

There I can settle down, knit, talk, see new items, and sometimes make a few purchases. It feeds my creativity and makes me feel so content - very zen, if you know what I mean.

This week I made several purchases, so time for some Show and Tell.

Three Irish girls, Adorn sock - custom dyed colorway for AGY "Gulf of Mexico".

I'm thinking of knitting this up in the
shawl pattern I designed for the shop,
"A Mermaid's Fan".

Next up, Taiyo Sock yarn by Noro. 

I used Taiyo, in worsted weight, for the Lizard Ridge throw.   It is so lovely, that I couldn't wait to buy the sock yarn.   I think I will knit up a pair of Spring Fling in the pink, and use the other two skeins for a shawl.

One skein of Lindsay by Berroco.

I have a new design in mind and want to swatch with this.

Last but not least, a new note book,
so I can keep good notes
as I design my next pattern.

Time to get ready for Spring!

Find a new pattern, buy some great yarn and welcome the new season!

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Cakewalk Yarns said...

oooh! I love the noro. I knit a lizard ridge a few years ago & can't get enough! Can't wait to see what you make out of yours.