Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Empty Nest

Yesterday was Youngest Son's move into his first apartment.  When we got to the condo with the moving truck, he had huge piles of laundry still to do, and hadn't packed ANYTHING.   I wasn't surprised, but it goes without saying, it was a long day.  

He had friends help move the furniture - we were clear that he needed to do the big stuff - but it was a hoot seeing the s-l-o-w pace they took.  At one point we ran some errands, returned to his apartment, only to find four of them sitting on the couch in the middle of the apartment just chatting away and listening to music - boxes and furniture all around them.  I laughed out loud at the different way his generation approaches life.

As we left our son and his friends, amid the chaos of moving, I was so sad.  I had memories of rocking him as a baby in the new lazy boy chair (that now resides in oldest son's apartment), of  reading Harry Potter together at bedtime and watching him at swim meets....yeah, I am sad to see those great years behind me.  He is a great son and I wish him so much happiness as he strikes out on his own.

Speaking of life changes, my step-daughter's mother-in-law passed away Saturday night.  She was 54 and had battled ovarian cancer and leukemia for 3 years.  She leaves behind three wonderful sons and three grandchildren, whom she loved dearly.   My step-daughter and she were best friends, and she will be missed by many.

So my thought for today is - tell the ones near and dear to you just how much you love them.  Seize the day and enjoy every moment. 

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