Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My idea of summer knitting - A FREE pattern

Okay, what are you knitting?    I think it might be time for you to take a break from your other projects, to do a quick knit for YOURSELF.  

Yes, I'm talking to all of you out there who knit for everyone but yourself....

Come on, take a few days off from your other projects and knit my new scarf pattern.  I'm not talking about a cozy winter scarf that keeps you warm in the snowy, cold winter - nope - I'm talking about a little fashion scarf that is perfect for summer.  

You can knit this pattern up using 200 - 250 yards of lace or fingering weight yarn.  It is knit on the bias, and combines stripes of lace with solid garter.  Easy Peasy, so grab some yarn from your stash and get busy.

I am posting it as a download, so you can save it on your computer, and use it as you please. 

Yes - it is free - and you can copy it and pass it around - or even knit this project to sell.  I would love to see your completed projects - post your pics on my facebook page, KalamazooKnits. 

I hope you enjoy the project - it is my way of saying - Happy Summer!


CleaStagnitti said...

Cute! I'm so into summer scarves this year. Thanks for sharing.

janie said...

Thanks for the cool summer scarf pattern!

mommaras said...

Thanks for the scarf pattern. Looking forward to seeing you at A Good Yarn this winter. Love the socks and now the scarf. Fun, Fun, fun