Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the road again

I spent two days in Columbus, OH at The National Needlework Association trade show, where all the major companies in the business display their products. Yarn store owners attend the show, take classes on new techniques, and visit with the vendors to place orders for yarn and supplies for the fall.

I have displayed my patterns there for several years in a few different ways, but this year I took a very low keyed approach. My friend Dawn had a booth where she showed the yarn companies that she wholesales, and she displayed my patterns too. I am not a sales person, and I hate to do these kind of shows, so this was a passive way for me to get a little exposure without spending the big $$ on the show and having to do something that I don't enjoy.

So, what was new at the show??

I attended a one hour event called Sample It! on the first night, where store owners get a chance to buy "new" items at wholesale price (or below) to try them out and consider them for their store. Here is the run down on the items I bought. Fair warning - I typically go a little crazy at this event, bringing a stack of $20 bills to buy what ever strikes my fancy. If I decide it isn't something that I want after the event, there is always someone in my knitting group who will want it.

So, here goes.

A Knit Happy tote bag, with a water bottle and thermos inside. Jill, of Studio June, wanted me to get this for her. I hope she likes it. I just wanted the tote bag, so they sold me that by itself!

Then there is the new product by HiyaHiya. They are an interchangeble needle set in choice of bamboo or metal, and choice of sizes 2-8 or 9-up.
I am a dedicated Knit Picks needle girl, but these needles go smaller in size and it was a great price to try them. I got the metal tips, in the smaller sizes.

Okay, I hate to stop the show and tell, but I when we left Columbus, we headed for Florida, to have a mini vacation at our place down there. We are spending the night in Tiftin, GA, and I need to take a shower and get a good nights sleep.

So I'll show one more item and then do more on the next post!
I have seen several vendors on Etsy who make these cute pattern savers, and Slipped Stitches is going the wholesale route, offering her items to shops for them to retail. It is a padded fabric backing, with a clear plastic sleeve to insert your pattern. It protects the pattern and can also stand up like an easel.

Chica, a relatively new company at the show, had a cute trio of items, including their version of a pattern saver. Along with the pattern saver, there is a super cute small tote with handles, and then a zippered small notions case. Of course, I love it in pink!

Okay, I'm going to hit the showers and then bed. Tomorrow we have about 6 hours of driving and we will be at the Beach House!

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