Friday, January 6, 2012


TGIF. That is another thing different since I retired - no real joy over a specific day of the week. I remember the joy of Fridays and the dread of Sundays. Now a days, I am lucky to remember what day of the week it is. Strange how life changes.

We have been busy at the Beach House this year. Had our friends F & M spend the night for New Years Eve - a nice evening of great food, conversation and enjoying the fireworks on the beach. Someone set off two sky lanterns and we loved watching them float up through the sky. They are also called "wish lanterns", because you should make a wish when you send them on their flight. I made my wish and watched them float away. I think I will get some for when Oldest Son and Mason come for spring break.

My friend M is a knitter, and I had helped her husband, F, buy a Christmas gift for her. We bought a project bag and interchangeable needle case for M from Madbird. They were adorable and well made. I would recommend Madbird's creations !

TanMan and I decided the feng shui wasn't good in our bedroom, so we moved furniture between bedrooms - which ended up becoming a huge project. I love the outcome, and the resulting side effect is I gained additional drawer space.

I've been nesting lately, not venturing out much, just enjoying the beach house. I know I need to resume my daily bike rides and beach walks - but I think that can wait until Monday. In the meanwhile, I've been getting computer work caught up and best of all, starting my huge knitting project for the year.

I pulled out my Christal Seyfarth and took a look. It is a kit for the Malthese Shawl. I love the colors - the flowers are in pinks and oranges, and the background is blues and greens. Here are all of the yarns included in the kit.

I bought a new zippered case at A Good Yarn, doesn't it hold all the yarn perfectly

I was disappointed with the chart - it is the same symmetrical flower throughout.

I looked at other shawl kits of hers and decided to modify the chart.

Two days later, dozens of pages of paper thrown out, I have developed a small poppy flower chart instead, based on this shawl.

I am using Knit Companion again on the iPad, so I had to scan the chart, turn it into a PDF, and then load it. So far, I think it is working out. I love working with the multiple colors, making the magic balls and knitting from the chart.
Here it is so far.

You work the shawl in the round, using a steek, that you sew the edges and cut it open at the end.

The only problem is that I have other knitting to do. There are a few more pairs of MukLuks to be finished and several more cabled cup copies to be made. Somewhere in the trip back to Fl, I lost my extra buttons for the cozies.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to bring my InStyler back for my hair. That IS a tragedy, since it is an essential tool to keeping my ultra curly hair under control. (I ordered another yesterday, just can't love without this beauty appliance).

Last, but not least, is our latest family member. We got a new puppy right before Christmas. He is a Yorkie and his name is Jackson.

He is such a puppy - biting everything and still loving small places.

Check out where he likes to sleep when TanMan takes a nap.. You can imagine how long it took us to find him, the first time he hid here!

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