Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FInished Objects - part 1

Ready to see a few of my finished objects? At long last, I have some pictures for you to see.

First up, Hip in Hemp, done in Louet's Euroflax. I had a couple of serious concerns while working on this project.
1 - Would it fit? It took a long time to finish and I kept thinking this could be my biggest failure yet.

2 - Did I have enough yarn. Another knitter was making the same project and she had two more skeins than I had. Oops, I didn't buy enough and the shop didn't have anymore.

So when I finished it, I let is sit in a pile for a few weeks. Then I blocked it, and once it was done, I still waited a few weeks before I put in the elastic. Then, only then, did I try it on. I LOVE It! It fits, I like the length, and it feels good. What do you think??

And up close...