Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Michigan Winters

I have been back in MI for four days and even though it isn't snowy here, I can tell it is winter because of three things:
1)  Chapped lips - never happens to me in Florida
2)  Dry skin - I have used lots of Jergens Ultra Healing lotion in the past few days
3) Where is the sun??  I had forgotten how gray the days can be

We came back home for ten days to get our "fix" of the grandkids, and to celebrate birthdays with my sons. We have made the rounds between Kalamazoo and the Chicago suburbs and have managed to see all 5 grandkids.  Nothing better.   There will be repeat visits with most of them too - once is not enough.  

Tomorrow I am knitting with my long-time knitting group.  Can't wait to see the girls!!  I will also be connecting with Jill June, the talented dyer behind Studio June yarns.  I will be turning her lovely yarn into mini-skeins and selling them at my Etsy store, Mermaid Knitting.  I hope to be flying back to Florida with a suitcase full of Studio June yarn-goodness.

Thursday I will be brushing off my pharmacy skills and working a day at the Pharmacy.  It is always good to see the other employees again - and the customers.

Friday is the birthday celebration, Young Son is turning 24 and Oldest Son will be 28.  They share the same birthday, in an unplanned freak of nature on my part.  They are at the age now when they think it is great to share the same special day.  Their idea was to visit the casino with TanMan and I, so that's the plan for the birthday.   Wish them luck in hitting the jackpot!!

No photos for this post.  It is getting late and I just wanted to let you know what is happening in my world. I will post again soon with some pics of my yarn buying for Mermaid Knitting!   

Knit Happy my friends!

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