Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Knitting Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is here. Hope you have a fun project to work on during the game. I think I will be doing fair aisle knitting in the Malthese shawl.

This weekend has been a bit like camp. I saw on Purl Bee website the Valentine Friendship Bracelets and decided I needed to make these for my grand daughters.

My supplies were a blocking board and T-pins. I bought two skeins of Koigu KPPM just for this project - a cream and one with shades of pink.

It took me Friday night to learn how to make the knots. I guess I never learned to do this as a child, because it wasn't familiar to me at all. The first try was rough, but I managed to memorize the pattern.

The tragedy involved in this camp weekend was that the puppy got my first, not very pretty bracelet.  I let him chew on it for a few minutes, and when I went to take it away, I couldn't find it...  anywhere...really.  Hope it comes out in the poop without problems.

Saturday and today was production and here are the results, and honestly, I think I better stick with knitting!

TanMan has chicken wings in the oven and Pioneer Woman's broccoli cheese soup on the stove for our game time food.

Enjoy the game (and maybe a few commercials too?) - but most of all, pick up a fun project to knit.

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