Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stung by the Bee Keeper

Happy February!  Are you wondering where January went, like I am?

I finished two "test panels" for my new design, Tamiami Wrap, in Kauni Effectgarn.  I dropped the panels in the mail today, so Dawn, who distributes the yarn in the US, can choose a solid color of Kauni to coordinate.  They are panels of mitered squares, that show off the color changes of the yarn.  More on the design in a future post!

So now there are two projects that I am actively working on:

Crystal Seyfarth Malthese shawl - lots of time spent on this, I love the multiple balls of yarn made into magic balls.  I am using the Knit Companion app on the IPad to work the charts.  This app is the absolute best!!

Then there is the Bee Keepers Quilt.  I got 19 new balls of yarn for my Etsy store, so my goal was to knit a hexipuff in each color, for the photos.  I really enjoyed working on all the new colors and the photos look great.    When I finished the photos, I dropped them in the large glass vase that I am keeping them in.  Then I got stung...well not actually stung...but I noticed the puffs that I just finished were a bit smaller than all the rest.   

So what was the deal???  Somewhere along the way, I must have started using the wrong needles? 
Quick check, yes, I should be using size 4's, and inside my hexipuff bag  I found size 2's.  Doh!

I'm bummed - and right now, I don't have the courage to see how many I knit using the wrong needles. Then I will have to decide if I can use them like they are...assuming I ever finish this project... 
Gauge can be an evil b__ch.

Tomorrow I am headed to A Good Yarn to teach another session on Ravelry.  Last week there were three students and I think they learned a lot.  I don't actually know if anyone has enrolled in tomorrow's class, I guess I will be surprised when I get there...  I see a yarn purchase in my future too - I want to knit a baby blanket, so I need a nice, soft, machine washable, non-itch yarn - hopefully a cotton blend.  

Hope your knitting projects are going well  - and no needle mix-ups happen to you!

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Judi A. said...

Have you seen the free app
"Knitting Stash?" I don't know why they call it that because it has nothing to do with yarn stash, but has 4 sections for needles,hooks, projects, and counters. I love the counter section because you can put in as many for one item as you need and don't have to have a bunch of loose counters. The project one you can put in as much info as desired and can even take a picture. I finally input all my circular and dpns in the needles section so I can know whether to buy - or not! - a size/type when I see them. I almost always have my phone with me, so this app has worked great for me. I don't have an iPad, but would think you could download this app onto it.