Friday, April 1, 2011


Have you heard about repositioning cruises? Where the cruise ships are moved from one location to their next seasonal location? They are supposed to be a good bargain, but lots of days at sea, like when it crosses the Atlantic, going from a Caribbean season to Europe. (can you tell I have thought about doing one of these cruises? Seems like there would be lots of time to knit, read and eat gourmet food - and maybe gain 5 pounds too?

After a few years of doing the winter season in Florida, I have started to call it my repositioning. It sounds like it should be easy, but I seem to struggle with the change.

We have made the decision to do our repositioning a month early. We decided this about 24 hours ago, after talking with two of the kids. It seemed that each kid, in their own way, could really use some help from us. So with that, we spent today getting ready for the trip back to Michigan,

I can hear the waves crashing as I write this, and see half of the furniture covered in sheets. It is hard to leave, especially when I had planned on another month to play. I am going to miss the beach house, and can't wait to come back.

I did my last minute shopping at Bealls, and sorted through my yarn stash, deciding what to bring with me (really?!!! it's not like I don't have enough yarn where I am going!!!) We have said our good-byes to the neighbors and cleaned out the fridge.

Tan Man is in bed, and I just need to unplug the light, cover the sofa with a sheet and hit the hay.

See ya in Michigan!

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