Saturday, May 21, 2011

This and that

I have been out of touch for a while again, but all good reasons!

My son has been home for two weeks before he starts his new job and we have spent time finding an apartment, shopping, moving, shopping, and buying clothes for his new job (more shopping, right?).  We are taking him to his new digs on Sunday, so that should help life calm down a bit.  But to be truthful, I am a little sad to see him move to the east side of the state.  I will miss seeing him!

I have also been working my part-time job, so this is what a slow moment in the pharmacy looks like.  They are quite rare, but I try to have some easy knitting for that occasional quiet moment.  I am making some new dishcloths, trying out Knit Picks new yarn, Dishie.  I will let you know how I like it once I have washed it, and used it.

I finished my Juneberry Triangle shawl, by Jared Flood.  Still need to block it, then I will show a picture. It is a beautiful item, but not as large as I had hoped.

So in the interim, what am I doing??   Yeah, you guessed it, back to that darn Spring Fling.  This time with Koigu.  I need a shop model for Ruhama's in Milwaukee - and I might use it as a model at TNNA.

It is finally spring in Michigan.  I am working today until 3pm, but asked TanMan to go to the farmer's market to buy some rhubarb.  I have been craving rhubarb crisp. 

I guess it is back to filling prescriptions - then hope to have spend some fun time with my son and grandson!

Hope you are having a great weekend.

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monam said...

I will be interested in how you like the Dishie. I like to knit dishcloths as a fast project and have been looking at that yarn on the Knitpicks website.