Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yarn review- Knit Picks Dishie

I am a self proclaimed yarn snob, so I wish I could explain my love of knitting dishcloths.

You know what I'm talking about - the ones your grandma knit and you can buy at the church bazaar.. Honestly, it gets even stranger, because I am not in charge of the kitchen at our house, and you can rarely find a dish cloth in my hand. (nice, huh?)

When I saw that Knit Picks had a new yarn called "Dishie", I had to buy it right away. They have a great selection of solid colors, so I chose a blue that will go with our kitchen/living room decor.

I have tried all kinds of dish cloth patterns, but TanMan likes to use the traditional pattern, knit on the diagonal, the best. With Dishie, I used a size 8 needle, and knit until 45 sts are on the needle, then began the decrease.

I liked knitting with the yarn. It seems to be spun a little tighter, and has a crisp feel to it. It washed up nice, and best of all- it works great as a dish cloth. It is soft, absorbent, and holds up on the dishes and for wiping off the counters. I like it and best of all, TanMan likes it too.

I made three dishcloths from one skein, with a little left over, so it is a good value too.

All in all, I would recommend Dishie for those of you addicted to dishcloth knitting.  I hope they expand their colorways to include multi-colored yarns, like the other brands, in the future!

Have a great holiday weekend. 

I will be praying for peace - but also saying  a prayer of thanks to all of those brave soldiers who are fighting for our country.

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Anonymous said...

Did you use a pattern from Ravelry?