Monday, December 5, 2011

Another beautiful day in Florida. The kind of day that makes me feel guilty for not being outside all day (again with that Dutch guilt?). Went to breakfast to get away from the remodeling team, and saw this decorated bike in the parking lot. I didn't know Harleys got the holiday spirit!

Our remodeling has turned the corner, so all the dirty, dusty work is done. That means I spent several hours today cleaning up the furniture, lamps, blinds - all the hard surfaces. TanMan still needs to vacuum the upholstery and the floors, but it feels much better. I also finally got to put out some holiday decorations that we brought back from MI.

I put up the ceramic tree that our neighbor made for my Mom, decades ago. I love it.

These are ornaments from that my parents had from years ago. I love them. I remember loving them as a child and I still feel that way. I bet you have some special holiday item that brings back memories of holidays gone by?

Yesterday we took a road trip to Tampa, to have lunch with some friends who recently moved full-time to Florida. We ate at my favorite restaurant, The Columbia, in Ybor City. Afterward we stopped at the Hard Rock Casino. It was a busy place, and we left when our gambling budget ran out - I left wondering why do I like to gamble, when I rarely win??

I finally got to start knitting the coffee cup cozy on the road trip. I got two done, but in looking at them today, I realized I have a problem. One is seriously smaller than it should be, it has all of the rows, it is just a much smaller gauge!

Did the knitting fairy slip me smaller needles?

Did my gauge change that much between projects?

This is seriously freakin me out. I've got a third on the needles, but lord know what size that will be...

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