Friday, December 2, 2011

More Condo Remodel

The countdown to getting my gift knitting done has started. I was doing okay, but I keep coming up with more ideas of things that I want to make. My sister-in-law suggested that I knit this cute little cozy for her. Of course I have 4 other sister-in-laws too, but I think this looks like a fun project. Perfect for knitting from the stash!

I've got the man's felted clogs knit. I decided to make a pair for grandson Mason, so I have started those now. Not sure how the felting will work in my new washer - it is a high efficiency top loader -no agitator, but a drum that goes up and down. I'm not very optimistic. I'll keep you posted on that. Not to mention that I hate to use my new washer for felting!!

I did get a Christmas tree ornament designed, I think it is a cute little devil, just now sure what to do with it. Should I see if Kelly J wants it as a KalamazooKnits pattern? Should I just put it up on Ravelry and sell it on Ravelry and this blog? Oh my, I'm not sure what to do now that I don't have KalamazooKnits!

KellyJ has a new ornament pattern done for KalamazooKnits. It is Deck the Balls with Mosaic and I think it is adorable.

Speaking of Deck the Balls, on Tuesday I taught a Deck the Balls workshop at A Good Yarn. Three students participated and in addition to working on the pattern, two learned to knit in the round with the magic loop and one learned the long tail cast-on. That is a lot of teaching in 2 hours! But they all did great.

Our remodel is moving along, but I am tired of having someone in "my space". Not to mention the coat of grit on top of everything. It should be done by next weekend ( I hope!).

The is the hallway leading to the back of the condo, where the bedrooms and bathrooms are. On the left if the laundry closet (like my new washer & dryer?) The laundry closet still needs cabinets above the machines and bifold doors.

We raised the ceiling of the hall and the entry point into the hall. I love the look.

We are keeping the vanity and marble counter top, but getting a new light and medicine cabinet to match the lower cabinets. Ceiling has been raised and the walls redone.

Toilet and shower area. On the right is the shower - we removed the doorway that separated the toilet/shower from the vanity area, added a foot to the shower and cut out the partial wall to open up the look. The shower needs to be tiled, a cabinet above the toilet, etc.

It looks like a lot of work left, doesn't it?

Another beautiful fall day in Florida. I took a bike ride this morning (on my ancient one-speed) and I think I will sit on the beach for a while. Hope you have a great weekend my friends!

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