Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Very Crafty Christmas

I am working hard to get everything done before we head back to Michigan for Christmas on Saturday.

Still need to pack up the knitted gifts for my sister's family and get those in the mail. That is complicated by the fact that last night I started ONE MORE knitted item for my niece. I couldn't help myself - I am in love with this item and I think she will feel the same. I think I may send everything that is done and mail this last item on the needles separately. Need to buy some wrapping paper today and get that done.

I am also doing several gifts using photos, so need to pick up a few more prints at Walgreens and see if I have everything I need for those gifts.

Finished the Gap-Tastic Cowl. How does it look? (I didnt make it quite as wide as the patterns calls for) I hope this keeps me warm when I am home for the holidays!

Got the granddaughters' ballerina skirts done - lots and lots of tulle and ribbon. I hope they fit and that they love them.

Also got a fabric ditty bag done for my grandson. He is a huge sports fan and University of Kentucky is a favorite team of his (his mom and dad are both alumni).

A Green Bay Packer pillow case for Oldest Son:

I have been thinking about this little shell project for quite some time - saw some in a gift shop, and I finally tried my hand at it.

Gluing the shells worked out great. Putting the hot wax in the shell - not so good.

Actually, it seemed to go well, until all of a sudden, the wax seeped through the shell and leaked out all over the counter (luckily I was working on some cardboard). I think they are cute, but not going to work as candles I guess.

Mental note to self - next time you need to seal the inside of the shell with some sort of waterproofing.

Bathroom Remodel Update:

The remodel is almost done. Tile is laid (still needs grout), tomorrow we get measured for the glass shower walls and door. I think I am going to love it.


How is your crafting going? Is your shopping done?

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