Friday, December 9, 2011

When deadlines approach and the knitter has gift knitting to finish, what does every good knitter do? Yes, you are right - she casts on another project.

It all started on Wednesday, when I was at A Good Yarn to teach a workshop on knitting the Mini Flip-Flop ornament. As usual, there were some new finished objects to admire, and two (yes, two) projects caught my eye.

I just happen to have some Debbie Bliss Riva yarn that I won as a door prize waiting for the perfect project, and Amy (who works at AGY) showed me the Gap-tastic cowl. It is long, luscious and perfect for my Riva yarn.

Two days later, this is what I have so far....
They also had a sample of Lucky 13, by Coco Knits. This uses super bulky yarn, but I could hold three strands of my bulky Riva together and make this project too.
I haven't given up on the Coffee Cup Cozies - as you can see by this little stash. All I need is buttons. As anyone who sews will know, buttons can be pricey things to buy. I am hoping that my generous button jar in MI will hold some good ones - if not, I will need to dig into my wallet and buy some at the store.

My Kid's Felted Clogs - they need some more felting, my HE top loader doesn't work very well at this job! I might try a coin machine I guess.

I am still slogging through the skirt from he##. Not only is this taking forever, I'm not sure I have enough yarn, or that it will fit, or if it fits, will it look good. Seriously, what was I thinking??
How are you coming on those gifts? Or did you decide to knit for yourself instead this holiday season??

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Anonymous said...

Wow ! you sure made a bunch of those coffee cozies....pretty cute !!!