Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Florida Knitting

Several years ago, when we started coming to Florida for the winter, I told my husband that there were two things that could make my life in Englewood perfect - the most important item was a yarn shop.
(I'll save the second item for another post - it might sound strange to you, so it needs some explanation).

I know many of you can relate to this - but when I'm not home, I miss my knitting group up in MI.  They are the best group of women - smart, funny, kind, sharing - and good knitters too.  I think of them every Wednesday morning, having coffee at Panera Bread, and catching up on each others' lives.

I still miss them, but I've found a new "knitting home" in Florida that fills the gap! 

Last year A Good Yarn opened in Sarasota, and it is everything that I love in a yarn store.  A wonderful shop owner, who has great taste in yarn, and a fun, talented staff.  It is the kind of shop that welcomes knitters and has a place for them to sit and knit.  They host a knit night every Thursday, and it draws a diverse group of knitters.   I love it there - and they have made me feel like I belong.

A Good Yarn just celebrated their one year anniversary, and held a fun open house this past Saturday.  Check out this cake - how perfect is that?

Happy Anniversary to A Good Yarn, and thank you for making my life in Florida "more perfect".

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