Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday gift knitting - free pattern contest

Holiday Gift Knitting! Have you started it yet? Or do you resist the siren's song to share knitted love with your family and friends?

I usually give some hand-knit gifts each year. On Christmas day a few years ago, I felt like Mrs. Weasley (from Harry Potter, Ron's mom, who knit sweaters for all of her kids!).  I didn't give sweaters, (but then I didn't have magic knitting needles like Mrs. Weasley), I gave everyone worsted weight socks. Actually, I didn't give my oldest son a pair, because I was sure he wouldn't be interested in them at all. He was in his early 20's and way too cool for that, I thought.  However, when he noticed he was left out of the flurry of handknit socks, and he said he was disappointed that he didn't get some too! You can be sure he got a pair in January, and he won't be left out again.

I used my "Winter Socks" pattern for these gifts. I noticed that everyone seems to wear them around the house when we dial down the thermostat, to keep their toes warm. Usually by the next Christmas, a few pairs need to be replaced.  I consider that a good thing, since it means they got lots of wear over the year. 

Tell me what you are knitting for gifts this year. Leave a comment on my blog before Friday at midnight ET, and I will draw a name or two. The winners will get a copy of my Winter Socks pattern!


Cakewalk said...

Hi Diane! Welcome to blog-land! I will be knitting some socks this year too. Although, I can't figure out a way to get everyone's shoe size without seeming like a weirdo.

TiffanyfromMD said...

Enjoying the blog so far!

My Christmas knitting: Fingerless Mitts & a Cowl for my son's special ed teacher. Add, slippers for my MIL :)

monam said...

My Christmas knitting is a scarf for the secretary at school-all that needs to be done is blocking it.

fudgey said...

i am doing heaps of gift knitting this year , which is weird given christmas is mid summer where i live
on the list are the shale blanket from brooklyn tweed for my mum
hats for my sister, BIL, and nephew
and your deck the balls with aran ornaments for assorted friends ( nearly have my first one done )

Amybel said...

I am making my mother an "ankle cozy", or two. I am using a yoga-sock pattern as a guide. She broke her ankle this past spring and has a problem with stiffness now that it's getting colder. With all the pins and screws she has in there I figured it was the least I could do to try to make her and her ankle feel better!

PaulaB said...

Learning to knit socks will be my new year project, after I make that beaded shrug we saw Thursday night. I think I will have to retire soon in order to learn all these new stitches!