Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finally, new design is completed

I am so excited - I finished my new design, and I "think" it turned out as planned. To be clear, the knitting part is done, but I have to sew in the ends and maybe do some wet blocking. All in all, I think it will be a success. I don't plan to release it until later, so it will remain a secret for a while longer. I need time for test knitting, photos, etc,

The Bistro Lace shawl continues. Last Wednesday, Susan and I went over the steps for connecting the flowers, which are a bit vague in the pattern, and I liked her connections better than mine. Since then, I made a few more changes to the way I work the flower points and connections, so it is easier to knit and mine look a little bit neater.

The yarn I am using makes a smaller flower, so I am increasing the length to 11 flowers wide. Here is the top layer of flowers.

I have also knit a quick project for the living room. I needed a few "pops" of accent color, so I made coasters for our end tables. The room is mostly blues and creams, with red being the accent color. So take a look at my coasters. What do you think? I need to write up the pattern and I will share it with you. It is a fun and easy way to use knitting as part of your decor! Stay tuned for the free pattern.

Are you enjoying the heat? I don't mind it, of course having A/C helps, doesn't it? Not to mention living on Lake Michigan, where it is a bit cooler, and I can always jump in the lake or pool to cool off. Best thing about air conditioning??? no reason for the heat to interfere with your knitting!

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Judi A. said...

How I miss the summers in MI (I know, it's been hot there, but I doubt like here - and no Great Lake to cool off in) and the wonderful Great Lakes! It's hard sometimes when that's pretty much all you've known most of your life and the wonderful memories of romping in one of the many lakes in and around MI! Oh well....
Sounds like you are keeping busy with your shawl project and new design. By the way, did you and hubby decide you like that Chinese Waves dishcloth, or not so much?
Stay cool.........Judi :-)