Thursday, July 21, 2011

My new project

I am excited to start a new project today. My husband's niece is expecting her first baby, and we just found out that it is a girl. They have struggled to get pregnant, so I think a pretty baby sweater is in order.

I have chosen this for the baby.

Pattern: Maile sweater

Yarn: Lorna's Laces Solemate

Color: 811 Lincoln Park Zoo

It feels good to be knitting a project that doesn't require a lot of thinking, so I am happy!

And what about this heat? We spent the day on our friend's boat to escape the heat. Here we are cruising down the Black River heading for open water on Lake Michigan.

We pass this house that my grandson always calls "my house" because of the flamingos on the house.

Right before we hit open water, we pass the South Haven lighthouse. I love this lighthouse, it has always meant fun and relaxation to me.

So what are you knitting? Have you found a way to beat the heat with a cool knitting project? I know many of you have started knitting my summer scarf pattern, because over 120 patterns have been downloaded!

Send me photos of your completed scarf projects , okay! I would like to show them off in a future blog post.

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