Saturday, November 19, 2011

I flew the coop

The holiday season has started for us. We have flown the Florida coop and returned to Michigan for 10 days of family fun. I am excited to see everyone and my biggest worry is that I won't have enough time to see all of my friends. So far, the time is allocated pretty much to family!

The last few days in Florida were busy. We have a home remodeling project that might start while we are gone and we needed to buy some items for our builder.

The project involves the guest bathroom (also known as TanMan's bathroom when no guests are in residence), the laundry closet and the coat closet in the entry way. They all join each other to make a rectangle of remodeling possibilities - as random as that may sound.

Our project in a nutshell...
Guest bathroom
- tear out half the wall and the door way separating the shower/toilet from the sink area. - Expand the 3 x 3 shower into a 3 x 4 shower, ripping out the yucky fiberglass enclosure and update it with tile. We will steal the extra foot of shower space from the entry closet.
- raise the ceilings if possible

Resulting collateral projects
- we need to re-tile the floor, since we will have untiled areas on the floor
- redo the walls, since there will be patching in a bunch of places
- update all of the towel bars, faucets, on and on (let's just say $400 at Home Depot).

Laundry Closet
We wanted to expand the toilet area into the laundry closet a bit but we ran into depth issues with the new fancy washer and dryer we wanted.

As luck would have it, our dryer broke a few weeks ago, so that timing worked out well. (TanMan might not agree on the timing issue, since he is the one who had to go to another building in our complex to use the coin operated dryers !)

We bought a new washer and dryer, but weren't able to get the fancy front loader and matching dryer to stack, but we did get a HE washer dryer that will fit in the space. Once TanMan pulled out the old equipment, it was clear it needed to be painted and that the old shelves won't do. So TamMan did a quick paint job yesterday - and we decided that now we need to put in new cupboards above the machines.

Of course, we should probably put in new doors while we are at it...

If this isn't scope creep (as we used to say at Pfizer), I don't know what is.

Then there are the two new ceiling fans we bought to replace the original one ins the bedrooms. When our builder saw those, he thought maybe we should have them wired to the wall switch, and then while we were at it, we might as well have the popcorn ceilings redone. Okay, I finally stopped the madness at that stage!! Just put up the fans and we can continue to turn them on and off with a pull chain. Oy.

Two rounds of visits to Home Depot and Lowe's, many sharp words and angry looks later, I hope we have most of what is needed. No wait, we forgot a new vanity light fixture and a new faucet for the sink...

I am just not a person who loves this kind of stuff... I know I will like the end product and I have no problem coming up with the big picture, it is just all of the details, complications and mushrooming costs that aren't my favorite.

And now it just occurred to me that I forgot to take before photos, darn.

Our flight was a few hours late and we should be landing soon. I will try to check in with you, but if I don't get the chance- have a great Thanksgiving.

Look for me at the Green Bay Packer / Detroit Lions game on turkey day -I will be the lady eating hot dogs instead of turkey, sitting with the son and grandson wearing Green Bay Packer shirts and the husband who is a Lion's fan.

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