Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Know a Good Divorce Attorney???

Today TanMan and I are venturing into rocky waters.   We have boring windows in our living room that need some curtains, so I have spent days planning and working on them.  

Actually, I have spent five days already on this stupid project.  Today is day 6.

Day 1: Figuring out what kind of window coverings I wanted.  I have been pondering this for almost a year, but I got serious on this day...

Day 2: Buying fabric, rods, etc.

Day 3 & 4: Sewing the valances.

Day 5: TanMan and I went shopping to buy additions to the rods to make them work.  New hardware to hang them, because we needed some additional support brackets.... and I knew the nightmare had started!!!

Note:  It is important to realize that while Days 1 - 4 are going on, I know that TanMan is wishing I would just call someone to come measure the windows, make the drapes and install them...  Of course, I don't want to spend the $1,000 plus it will I continue on my merry, albeit frugal way...

On Day 5, he was with me trying to help me get the right hardware, etc - we didn't argue, but I could tell he was having serious doubts.

Day 6 - Today

TanMan couldn't find his drill.  I found it on the shelf, where it should be.  I'm thinking he isn't committed to making this project work.

He had to go to the hardware store for a drill bit and those plastic things you put in the holes.  Then he needed help putting the drill bit in the drill.  Seriously???  Okay, here we go.

First far so good.  Doesn't he look like he knows what he is doing?

Okay, we have a lot of hardware to go,be back in an hour or so.  

All of the brackets for the valance are hung.  TanMan is sweaty, but not crabby yet.  He needed a break.

Next up, three rods for the  panels.

Okay, all the brackets are hung and I am ironing the panels.

OMG, I am so happy.  The panels hung without problems, everything is lined up perfect and I am happy.

Final picture aren't great, because the sun is coming around to the west now and causing too much contrast.  (maybe I'll take new pics tomorrow morning). 

But take my word for it, it totally changes the look of the room.  Never mind about the divorce attorney.


Judi A. said...

I had to smile, chuckle even, at your "experience" working with hubby. I think every woman can identify with you!! My most memorable was when hubby and I tried to hang wallpaper together on a two story stairway wall. It finally got done - after I told him to go away and I'd do it myself!! Amazing it didn't end in divorce...or murder!!

Maureen said...

If he is like my husband, he will brag and brag about how you designed and sewed the drapes etc. yourself and what a genius you are. He knows (somewhere deep down inside) that you saved him a ton of money and that you are making this a beautiful place for the two of you. Oh my. They are nicely done.