Thursday, March 15, 2012

Knit, Sew, Beach, Repeat

Been busy at the Mermaid Knitting studio - and I just haven't taken the time to check in with you.

TanMan had a birthday - it was a big event - went to dinner with friends and ate my homemade spice cake with caramel frosting.  Cake was a little dry, frosting pretty sweet, but TanMan was just right.  I think he enjoyed the attention - and doesn't seem to mind his new age.  I got him a t-shirt when I was at Downtown Disney (a sleeveless Harley shirt that shows off his great arms) and a gift card to his favorite clothing store.

We have two couples staying the month of March near us, so we have been super busy running around with them.  One of the ladies is my good friend Dawn, who owns a great knitting store in Milwaukee.  She also wholesales several lines of yarn in the US - so we talk knitting all of the time.  Right now I am trying out two different kinds of knitting needles that she sells in her shop - the wooden Dreamz interchangeable needles and Addi Turbo Lace Clicks.   I like the Addi lace Clicks the best, so I think I will have to get a set for myself.  Love those long pointy tips, and the click joins are nice too.

Dawn is buying one of my designs for her Kauni yarn line and will sell it as pattern in her collection.  I will share the photo once it gets taken - I'm happy she likes it.

I have been busy working on my Color Affliction.  It is almost done.  I ended up switching the third yarn to a light grey - it looks good, don't you think?

Finally got out my sewing machine. Devoted a day to Interior Design , where I sewed 5 decorator pillows for the living room.  I had bought fabric and trim when we were in Chicago seeing the grandkids, and I think they turned out nice.

Can you see my Lizard Ridge afghan in the back?  It is knit out of Noro Taiyo and I LOVE it.

I am behind on the Block of the Month class on Craftsy.  I got busy with February's block, only to discover that I was not using a 1/4" seam.  Block was too small and I had to redo.  I guess that is why I am taking the class, right?  Here it is almost done using the correct size seams.   Still have one more Feb block to make, then on to March.

I bought a new quilting foot for my machine today.  Found it at WalMart - who knew? Hope it helps me sew those all important scant 1/4" seams.

TanMan and I have also found the time to hit the beach - here we are in front of our condo at the water's edge.  Maybe I should knit and sew less and sit on the beach more??

The weather seems to be great all over the US - so I hope the sun is shining down on your knitting.

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