Friday, March 23, 2012

No Excuses

I won't bore you with the excuses (friends, dog, knitting, quilting, baking, beach walks, swimming), but let me be clear, I have been thinking about you, even though my thoughts didn't make it to a blog post!!

Quilt of the Month
I've got February done - but haven't started March yet.  I love this class - I think Craftsy is a great concept for people who want to take a class on their own terms.  The real bonus is that I can watch it on my IPad, and keep it handy near my cutting table and sewing machine.

Here are January and February squares...  they aren't connected, just laying on the floor.

A few months ago, I joined the Miss Bab's Yarn Club (some kind of "travel" concept).  I have loved Miss Bab's since I first saw her at Stitches Midwest.  Since then, I've purchased her sock yarn several times - and to make me love her even more, last summer she came to the Allegan FiberFest, which is a "must do" for MI  fiber lovers.

Today I got my first package in the mail.  I am in love - I want to cast on right now.

It came out of the box like this -Everything was wrapped up in Miss Bab's tissue paper, then tucked into a clear plastic bag, sealed with multiple colors of ribbon.

They get A+ on presentation.

Then you open it up for all kinds of wonder!

This installment is a visit to the Seychelles.  There is a booklet with photos of what to bring on the trip, places to visit and go for dinner.  Recipes for a drink and chicken curry dish are provided.

Then there is the pattern - Seychelles by Susanna IC  (which is STUNNING)

The yarn - Miss Babs "Yet" Lace, 65% wool, 35% silk, 500 yards in a lovely color (my photo doesn't do it justice).

Beads - Coordinated 6/0 beads for the shawl

Beading Crochet hook - HiyaHiya US 14

Decorative tin - with a  needle and "ticket inside

Treats - Life Saver and Jolly Ranchers

Last but not least, a shell.

I am in the middle of a new design, getting ready to start a needlework canvas and nearing the end of Color Affliction.  I've got March quilt of the month waiting, a sun dress for my grand daughter and Malthese shawl still to do.

But I MUST CAST ON this shawl, NOW.

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