Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Knitting Update

I finished Sophie's baby blanket and I love the pattern! I am excited for grandson Mason to give it to his baby sister!

Pine Forest Baby Blanket
Berocco Comfort in pale pink - 3 skeins
It looks like a complicated knit pattern, but it worked up quick. I will use this as my "go to" baby gift in the future.

Zigzag skirt
No progress on this. Not quite sure how to proceed.

Beekeeper's Quilt
My vase runneth over. The new addition of Studio June Sydney Sock puffs are great! They blend well with the Koigu. This is my favorite project to work at the store or on the go.

Last, but not least (drum roll please) - Color Affection.
                       Or Color Affliction as I refer to it to my friends.

 I have been lusting for this pattern every since Plucky Knitter was selling kits with the pattern - I tried twice to purchase the kits, but her website kept crashing and I didn't get to purchase.

 But no worries, the pattern became available recently and I bought it. Did some stash diving and came up with Miss Bab's Yummy sock yarn.

Not sure if I'm going to use the multi as my third yarn, I might buy another color - I'll check it out when I go to the yarn shop on Thursday.

So far, this is what I've got. I didn't follow my own advice and read the comments on Ravelry BEFORE I started the pattern. I only looked at it once I decided the edges were too tight of the first color. I've fixed the problem from this point on - and after much angst last night- decided not to rip it out. Hoping the tightness works out in the blocking.

There were a bunch of comments and suggestions for this pattern on Ravelry. I'm using the following:
- I am inserting a YO between the first and second sts of the RS rows, and dropping them on the WS.
- I also plan to work just two sts past the w&t instead of three, when I get to the short rows.
I think this is going to work up fast, so stay tuned for more.

The weather has been great. It is breezy on the gulf, but nice and sunny. TanMan and I sat on the beach today and soaked up some rays. Then I jumped into the gulf for a quick dip - it was a little chilly- but not as cold as swimming in Lk Michigan!

Hope the sun shines on your knitting.

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