Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Florida Sweet Florida

I am just getting unpacked from my seasonal relocation.   We left snowy Michigan for the warmer climate of Florida.

In the past few years, we have changed how we migrate.  I no longer have the luxury of a car to stuff full of yarn and patterns.  We fly now, so it makes it more of a challenge.  Take at look at my suitcase - I hope this will satisfy my needs. I hate being parted from my stash. Luckily, they sell yarn in Florida too, so I guess I will be building TWO stashes.  That seems wrong, doesn't it?

The flight down was uneventful except for two glitches:

- I forgot about that darn rule about liquids in the carry-on bags. 
Hubby had bought a large jar of Saunder's Butterscotch Caramel ice cream topping for me to take, it is a Michigan favorite that we can't get in Florida.   It comes in a glass jar and I didn't dare put it in the checked luggage, so into the carry-on it went.   

During the security check, they rescanned my carry-on and then started to go through it by hand.  I was sure they found a stray pair of scissors or maybe didn't like the looks of my knitting needles - but alas - it was my yummy topping.   I tried to insist it wasn't liquid, but to no avail.  I told the security guy to take it home, but he said he couldn't do that either.  What a waste.

- Once we were in flight, I decided to listen to my iPhone.  Right now I am listening to the book "Hunger Games", and am really enjoying it.  My sister gave me an adorable pair of jewel encrusted ear buds, so I was anxious to give them a try.  I pulled them out of my Vera tote and the spongy end popped off the ear bud and bounced behind me.  I couldn't see it on the floor, so decided to wait and  find it once we landed.  

After a few of the rows behind us got off, I darted back and found it on the floor!  Hooray - I felt victorious.  Hubby said he would put it in his pants pocket for safekeeping.  (Can you guess where this is headed??)
We got to our condo, unpacked, etc and a couple of times I asked him to get the earbud tip, so we wouldn't wash it by mistake, but we got busy and forgot.   Today he went to look for it, looking through the pants, now in the dirty clothes basket.   Not a surprise - he couldn't find it. 

I look forward to my time in Florida for lots of reasons - but often it triggers a creative burst.  I have more time to sit in the sun and think...I am hoping for some great ideas to come my way...

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Anonymous said...

I let my sister convince me that marmalade was not going to be considered a liquid by the TSA. I knew she was wrong. But I listened to her and so my mom's Chanukah present from my sister got confiscated. Since when does "spreadable" equal liquid? Oh well.