Monday, January 31, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Okay, I am a simple girl and am happy with simple things.  But some of the things I love are a little strange - so try not to laugh out loud or roll your eyes at my Guilty Pleasures.
1. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe
Who else but the Kardashians?  I watch their reality shows and love them.  I really can't explain it...

2. If it is Sunday
It's Meet the Press?  Yes, I do watch the show (see Guilty Pleasure #3), but that is a different Sunday guilty pleasure. 

Somewhere along the way, hubby and I started having doughnuts for breakfast on Sunday.  Really...who eats that stuff anymore?  Okay, we do.  He goes out in the morning before I am awake, and when I get up, there is fresh coffee and an assortment of sweet, delicious wonders.   I suggested we cut back and not have them EVERY week, so there weren't any doughnuts yesterday when I woke up.  But I thought about them - and missed them.

3. Political talk shows
Every day I record two political talk shows, and hope I have some spare time to watch a little - Morning Joe and Rachel Maddow show.   Hubby isn't crazy about either show, so I sneak them in when he isn't around.   If I don't watch Rachel Maddow at night, I dowload the audio podcast on my Ipod  in the morning, and listen to it when I do my morning walk.  

4. Gambling - Florida style
They have these cute little gambling places in Florida, which side-step their state gambling laws in a few strange ways.  These "arcades" are located in little strip malls and contain about 100 slot machines.  The unique thing is that the machines don't take money or pay out in money.  You load money onto a gaming card, and then use that for "credits" on the machine.  You take the credits that you win and then turn them in for gift cards to WalMart, the grocery store, etc.   You can gamble as little as a dime at at time..  At my favorite arcade,  twice a week they will match your $10 with another $10.  My goal is to gamble the free $10 match and not spend my original $10 - and hopefully turn their match into profit.   We usually stay long enough to play 100 games - and hope we leave a few dollars ahead.

What are your guilty pleasures?

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