Saturday, January 22, 2011

Off the Needles - and my WIP

I still have a few projects going (who doesn't??), but here is another finished item!

It looks kinda boring, but it is really nice and soft - made out of Jill Eaton's Cotton Tail. 

The hat is for my mother-in-law, who has been battling cancer for 6 years.  Whenever I see her, she has her make up done and is wearing a cute little wig - but last time I saw her, she was struggling, and said she would like to try a chemo cap.   She lives in Florida too, so cotton is just the fiber for her.   We will be seeing her next week, so here is the finished product.   Hope she will let me snap a pic with her wearing it!  I knit in lots of love and prayers - I hope it keeps her safe and warm for years to come.

Take a look at the project that WON'T be off the needles anytime soon. 

This is the Massai Shawl kit by Cristal Seyfarth.   You can purchase this kit from Ruhamas - go take a look at the amazing kits you can choose from.

It looks so overwhelming when you get the kit, but once you get started, there is a wonderful rhythm and a totally zen thing going on.   I do need good light and a some quiet time for this project, but I am loving it.  

It is a triangle shawl knit in the round, with a steek. See the steek??

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  It is cool and wet in Florida - time for me to put on a sweatshirt and maybe pick up the Massai shawl and get busy!

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