Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Angry Birds

I am afraid this is starting to look like an obsession...  First there was the crazy game Angry Birds, and now I love crocheting these cute little guys.   Next on my list is the Goldfinch.    My son has wondered about the "bomb bird", but there isn't a pattern on Ravelry yet.  Could this be the next KalamazooKnits pattern? (actually, I don't think so).  

I think I will be looking at amigurumi patterns a little more closely and see what other designs are out there for me to try. It gets in the way of my knitting, but isn't okay to take a break from the needles now and then? 

Do you worry about starting another hobby that will cause you to be unfaithful to your main love, knitting?  I will admit that it crosses my mind.  What if spinning (or sewing, crochet, etc. etc) replace my one true love?

But just when I started to worry,  I picked up my needles again, and knit up another Childs' Better Basic Mitten, and my world is in balance again.  Whew, close call.

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