Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That last step is a doozy!

Part of my daily routine in Florida is a walk down the beach.  It amazes me how different it looks and feels each day.  Although I am a bit of a "fair weather" friend, in that I don't walk in the cold mist or rain.  

As I walk north up the gulf coast, the water level has been so high that much of the beach is missing.  This is my end of the walk in that direction.   Those owners have to watch their last step, don't they!

Then I turn around and walk south, where I could go for several miles.  Once I get about a mile in that direction, I hit the public beach, and then the sand is all churned up from the people and it makes the walking a little more difficult.  Plus there are people everywhere - not the solitude that I like.  So I turn around and go back home.

I don't do a lot of "collecting" on these walks, they are more for exercise and meditation.   I feel so close to God when I make this journey, his miracle of life is all around me.  I do run into some odd finds - here is the crab I found!  He looks kind of creepy, but I think he was harmless.

Then there was this guy!   He was walking along the beach with me - a nice companion, but he didn't say very much.  

All in all, this is the kind of exercise I like!

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Cakewalk Yarns said...

oooh! You're walking buddy is a keeper! I love silly Florida birds.