Monday, February 7, 2011

Off the Needles

Wow, thanks for the great response to the introduction of our new pattern, Child's Better Basic Mittens!

Tell your fellow knitters to stop by the blog to get this pattern at the "on sale" price.

Here is the pair of mittens I just finished using the pattern.  They are the medium size, using Ty-Dye's worsted weight super wash wool.  Remember when you first started knitting and someone told you to "Always save the label or ball band from the yarn!",  uh huh, well, I can't find my label to the yarn to give you any more specifics.   But it is a good rule to follow...

I hope my grandson Mason will enjoy wearing these!

Then on the lighter side - this project isn't "off my needles", it is more like "off the hook". 

I am a total knitting freak, and only do the occasional crochet project, so it must be a pure love of the game "Angry Birds", that caused me to crochet this project.    Have you played Angry Birds yet - on the iPhone or iPad?   My grandson Mason loves that game and we had a great time with it over the Christmas holidays, when each day before Christmas, Angry Birds - Holiday edition, launched a new level, kind of like an advent calendar, only more high tech.  Every morning when he came down the steps, he wanted to know if the "new map" was there.  

So this is the first of several Angry Bird characters that I plan to make. 
Here you can meet the Angry Cardinal!!  This is a free pattern on Ravelry.  It is a nice introduction to amigurumi.  It looks difficult, but it is fun and doesn't take too much time.

Next up - the naughty pig!

What are you working on?  If you are getting bogged down with a large project, start a smaller project to knit when you need a break.  It really is okay to have more than one project going - it makes sense to have a detailed project for "quiet knitting time", something a little less complicated for TV time, and then an easy "on the road" project - likes socks or a dish cloth.


WonderWhyGal said...

Thank you for the advice. I am determined to finish my top down sweater that I started back in August when I took KellyJ's class but...I am getting tired of it...again. I think I need a small fun project. Maybe a pair of mittens for my son? I know I need something with an end in sight. 11 more inches on my sweater is going to be killer.

Soak up some sunshine for me.

Cakewalk Yarns said...

The angry bird is adorable! I have had a sticky note on my project board for a week to dye up some angry bird-inspired sock yarn. Gotta get on that!