Sunday, October 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

TanMan and I are slowly getting our life back to normal. Suitcases are unpacked, most of the laundry is done, but we are having serious jet lag. This morning we were both up before 6am, which is unreal for me (but more common for TanMan). Lots of time to drink coffee and read the paper...

The only other left-over from vacation is some serious GI problems. We are taking Immodium, if that gives your more info that you really need! Needless to say, we aren't wandering far from the condo and our his & her bathrooms!

It didn't feel like I did much knitting on vacation, but here is the results! Isn't that the cutest basket? They used them as a bread basket on the river boat, so when we saw one in the market, TanMan had to have it. I think I added about 30 hexipuffs to my collection.
My hexipuff obsession continues, and I have purchased a supply of my favorite hexipuff yarn, Koigu KPPM, and have started selling mini-skeins on Etsy. Since I no long have my KalamazooKnits Etsy store (sniff, sniff), I opened a new shop, called Mermaid Knitting. It seems strange to have a new store, without all of the positive ratings and links to other knitters that comes with a 5 year old shop. Nothing like a frest start???

So what is next???

It just occurred to me that Christmas is only a few months away, so now I need to get serious about my gift knitting. I will need to go into a project "black-out" on my knitting, since some of the (lucky!) recipients also read this blog. So...let me just say that I spent a few hours on Ravelry this morning looking at patterns for my gift knitting. Picked out a couple of items and I will be headed to A Good Yarn this week to buy the yarn.

I also plan to get out the sewing machine this week too. Over Labor Day weekend, I went to a craft show with TanMan's oldest daughter - and she showed me an adorable jumper that she liked for her daughter. So, I bought a similar pattern and fabric so I could give it a try. I haven't sewn clothes in a long time, so I hope it turns out...

Okay, it is time for beach walk.

The weather has been perfect since we got back. Sunny days in the mid-70s and cool evening in the mid 50s. Fall in Florida is lovely.

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