Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Water's Edge

Yesterday I went for beach walk in the late afternoon and this is what I found.

A few birds...

A wedding getting over. The chairs were packed up and they were taking down the arbor, but the bride was still having some impromtu pictures taken. Speaking of weddings, I finally watched Kim Kardashian's wedding on TV. It took me a while to watch it, because I wait until TanMan is gone or asleep. He doesn't have much tolerance for their shenanigans. I consider myself a relatively intelligent woman, but for some reason, I love the Kardashians. The wedding show was great, I enjoyed all 4 (four? yes, four) hours of it. I even cried a few times... but back to the beach...

The hippies were setting up for the Saturday night drum circle. This is a new event for Manasota Key, I am excited to have one here, but not so excited that I stayed around for it. Sunset was over an hour away...

I am little concerned about the people who own this house - it is getting very close to the edge. I can see how the shore changes in the short time I have been here, I can only imagine what happens over the years.

For today's walk, I was able to go farther north up the key than ever before. I saw lots of step hanging in space, and was amazed at the power of the waves going in and out.

I got home with my shorts soaked from being splashed by waves, a few photos on the phone and three sharks teeth. I love it here.

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