Saturday, October 1, 2011

A taste of the Southeast Asia

I have three knitting projects, two books on the Kindle, a few magazines and the all important, snacks. What more do I need for a 15 hours flight from the US to Seoul, Korea?

My carry-on knitting

A second project, Spring Fling.

Back up yarn for the hexipuffs and sock yarn in green bay packer colors for Oldest son.

We've got our clothes laid out, the travel books stacked up, and I'm drafting an email to the kids, giving them the details of our trip, so they can figure out how to reach us if needed.

I bought a new suitcase for this trip - one of the new lighter bags. I am not one of the people who over-packs (I think that comes from my business travel days, when you learned to travel lean and mean), so this should work with room to bring a few goodies back home with us.

I am afraid I may have problems with the knitting needles on the plane. Korean Air's website saiys they don't allow knitting needles in carry on bags, but I'm hoping that since we are leaving from the US, I can get them on board. Kinda doubt I will be successful on the way back.

It reminds me of a trip we took a few years ago, We were flying from Florida to Acupulco, with a stop in Mexico City. In Mexico City, we passed through security, where they were going to confiscate my needles. I held my ground and kept gesturing that I use them to knit and finally they just walked away from me. TanMan whispered in my ear, grab the needles and walk fast, so we did. Maybe I will luck out this time too!

We will be staying in Hanoi for a few nights, spending the night on a wooden junk in Ha Long Bay, visiting Angor Archeological Park in Cambodia, taking a 7 day boat cruise down the Mekong, with daily excursions to villages, temples, etc. Our trip ends in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). All in all, I'm sure it will be an adventure!

Check in during the next few weeks if you can, I have a few blog posts scheduled while I am gone, and I hope to blog when I get access to wifi along the way.

Until then, happy knitting!

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