Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last night on the boat

I am so sad to see this experience end. Tonight is our last night on the boat and it has been a vacation of contrasts. We traipse around the country to see the most unusual things in the hot, sweaty, muddy areas. Then back to our boat with robes in each room and gourmet cuisine.

Yesterday we went to a fish farm, where they were raising catfish to sell. We took a boat to get there, because it was another floating village. They had a platform over the fish cage, which had "fresh" water (I use that term loosely) flowing through it.

We had to climb of our boat, walk across another boat, to get to the farm. You can't even imagine how rickety these places are that we climb up and down over, with strong arms holding us so we don't fall. It is unreal.

A typical transfer looks like this - On the left is the ladder from the big boat, then take a big step to the next boat, walk across that and then step over to the third boat!

We take these tenders on to the land to visit local villages.

We passed a floating market where people bring there houseboats loaded with a produce, then sell them wholesale. Can you imagine living on this boat? They are poor and most can't afford to send their kids to school.

Next up, our visit to see candy making.

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