Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here we go again

The air has started getting cooler in Michigan, bushels of apples are at the farm stand, and the local paper just had an article about the pumpkin crop this year...so it must be fall. That means it is time for TanMan and me to fly south for the winter!

We are going a little earlier this year, because we want to get "settled" in Florida before we go on vacation. I know that sounds strange, because Florida is like vacation too, but we are headed overseas in early October.
This means that I am packing for two trips at once. More on that in my next post.

This past weekend we celebrated Masons's fifth birthday - he looks like the gift, doesn't he? He has been a gift to my life, for sure!

We had our neighbors over for cake, and this is what it looks like when adults try to assemble a birthday gift!

Both sons were here for the night, along with Mason, so my world felt complete. We were looking through old photos, and look what I found.
See what a great helper my grandson has been since he was 3?
He was helping me wind yarn for my ornament kits at our old place in Kalamazoo, and learning to use scissors!

Enough nostalgia! What about the knitting?? I have shocked myself, but I have been totally obsessed with hexi-puff knitting. Who would have thought it?? I have dug out my Koigu stash - and have even posted some mini-skeins on Etsy.

I usually don't leave my other knitting for so long, but this has been the perfect project to knit during chaos, in the car and even when I worked a few day in the pharmacy. I think I will keep knitting hexi-puffs until we get to Florida on Friday.

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