Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have finally recovered from the Labor Day weekend. Honestly, I love having the kids here and hanging out with friends, but when Tuesday rolled around, I was wiped out.

Spent a great day Wednesday with my knitting group and a stop at YLYS in Battle Creek. The Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts issue is out, so I had to buy it.

It got me in the mood to plan my gift knitting. I hope to dig into the stash for some of these gifts - and I need to plan ahead so I bring the yarn to Florida.
This year I gave my sister a list of possible knitted accessories to choose from - for her, my bro-in-law and niece and nephew.

The weather was finally cool enough so I could wear my Masai Shawl. I LOVE it. People stopped me at Panera to tell me how pretty is is. Now I am so glad I bought another kit. Can't wait to start it this winter in Florida.

I am working 9 hours today at the pharmacy. Debbie, the expert pharmacy tech is celebrating her birthday, so I brought cake. That will make the day better, but not sure it will make the 9 hours go any faster. This will be my last day of work at this pharmacy for the summer.

So how is my knitting coming? I have been working on the Featherlight Cardigan, and it is a slog. I have about 8" done and a long way to go.

Yesterday I compared my Taygete with Susan's, I was concerned that using Schaeffer's Andrea (which is between lace and fingering wt) was making it much smaller, but it is pretty much the same as one done in full sized fingering wt yarn. I picked it for my morning knitting just to take a break from Featherlight. I like it, but should have probably picked yarns with a greater contrast. Oh well.

Thought I would add a couple of new elements to the blog. I know a lot of knitters love to read, so I'm going to share what I am reading. Feel free to share in the comments what you are reading!

On My Nightstand
Oldest son is loving this series of books and he has nagged me to try them. Now I am hooked on The Game of Thrones. I am having trouble keeping all of the characters straight, but I look forward to reading a few chapters every night. Not to sound like a brat, but he gave me his paperback version, and I wish it was on my Kindle. I am resisting the urge to by the Kindle version, because that is crazy, isn't it?

Also want to add a few family photos from the holiday weekend. Take a look at two of the grandkids - aren't they adorable cousins?

Okay, I guess I better get off my stool and get busy with the prescriptions!

PS. Most of the blog was written BEFORE I started work and no patient was kept waiting while I wrote this? I promise!

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