Saturday, September 10, 2011

Storage Wars

A year ago we began the process of downsizing our Michigan homes - putting our Kalamazoo home on the market for sale and moving permanently to our Lake MI condo - which we had used as a weekend and vacation home for the past 12 years. The process involved renting a rather large storage unit, and moving lots and lots of stuff into it.

Fast forward a year later - we sold the Kalamazoo place, moved both boys into their own (very nicely furnished with our surplus furniture) apartments.and moved our MI home to South Haven. The storage unit wasn't quite as full, but it was a mess.

Today we tackled our storage unit and downsized that too. Lots of items were taken to our favorite consignment shop and lots of stuff thrown out (two huge old TVs - no one wants those anymore!) - and we moved the remaining items to a new unit, half the original size. It feels great to continue the downsizing process - I think we are at a holding point for now. Lots of plastic tubs full of boys books, Pokemon cards, transformers and Lego's will ultimately find their way to the kids, but they don't have the space yet. I still have a few containers of things from my mom, and I cant bring myself to go through those yet either!

And then there was KalamazooKnits items found in storage. I found a few items that I no longer sell wholesale and thought I would make them available to you at my Etsy store.

Holiday Christmas yarn - 30 yd skeins of Studio June fingering weight yarn, dyed in lovely Christmas colors.

I have listed them as two 30 yd skeins (total 60 yd), for a below cost price of $2.00, including shipping. These were originally included in the Deck the Balls ornament kits.

Sock blocker key ring - White laminate, embossed with KalamazooKnits.

These make great little gifts, especially when wearing a cute mini-sock.

Each key ring costs $2.00 each, including shipping.

Also new to the blog - I have added the mini-sock pattern as a free download. You can use these little cuties as ornaments or to decorate a package. You can also hop on over to Etsy if you want to pick up a few sock blocker key rings to go with the socks!

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