Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day weekend already??

How did this happen? It seems like yesterday we were getting ready for a long summer on Lk Michigan.

I am always sad on Labor Day weekend. It used to make me sad because it meant I was headed back to school - and it felt like so much pressure to succeed. Then it was pressure to get the boys ready for school and to balance work and all of their activities. Now I am sad to see the end of a great summer, knowing that I will be leaving soon for Florida. It hard to leave the kids and grand kids behind.

This is an important weekend at our condo association, we have our annual meeting with all of the owners, and every year usually brings some kind of controversy. TanMan is president of the association board, so he gets tied up in meetings and getting ready to lead the meeting. Other than needing more money to maintain our beautiful property, I think it should be a good meeting.

Oldest son and grandson Mason got here Wed night for a long weekend, so we are having fun with them.
They went out on our friend's boat on Thursday, while I worked at the pharmacy!  Here is Mason swimming in lake MI about 5 miles off shore. 

Today I dusted off my mom's canning equipment and made some spiced peach jam "old school". I usually make freezer jam, but the peach doesn't thicken up right, so I decided to go back to the hot water bath method. I got 7 jars done and they all sealed!!

Also got busy using up the remaining blueberries in TanMan's favorite coffee cake recipe.

To top off the weekend, TanMan is making his famous chocolate covered cheesecake. This we will share with our neighbors for a special treat. No picture of that yet - he still needs to pour the chocolate ganache over the top.

But what about knitting, you ask?? Since it is Labor Day, I will give you a quick summary of my knitting labors. I have three WIPs:

- Featherweight Cardigan using KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud. This might take forever to knit, since it is a cardigan in lace weight yarn. Really, think about it. Isn't that crazy?

- Spring Fling socks in Three Irish Girls, Gill's Night Out (custom color way for A Good Yarn Sarasota).

- Taygete in Schaefer Anne, two colors from my stash.

I think that is enough to keep me busy for a while, but I have been thinking about another project. Have you seen the Bee Keepers Quilt? It is done using leftover sock yarn, knit into little hexagon pouches, that are stuffed. Then they are joined at the corners, isn't it adorable? I might buy the pattern, and just read it - and not knit it. Think that will work?
I hope you all have a great holiday weekend - and that you find time to do a "labor of love".


Judi A. said...

I have looked at that pattern fornthe "Featherweight Cardigan" several times because it is so pretty. Made me smile at your comment about the craziness of it all. Hadn't thought about it that way. Does that say something about you - a bit crazy maybe? :-) I also looked closely (did an "enlarge by clicking here")at that "Bee Keepers Quilt." Fascinating, but don't know as I'm up to dealing with all of those little pieces! Let me know if your method works! :-) Oh how I miss boating out and swimming in the depths of the Great Lakes. Maybe again someday. Hope you have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Robin said...

Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. I am from Kalamazoo and have bought a couple of your patterns. I bought the first one because of the "Kalamazoo" and the others because I like your patterns.
I have been eyeing the beekeepers quilt as well. :0)